At the “Sofra”, as it is affectionately known, you are met by friendly staff who will get to know you by name. Soon enough you will not even look at the menu because you will be coming so often. Sofra is a family-friendly restaurant in Forest Hill, where our chefs take pride in creating everything the old-fashioned way…from scratch!

The food is consistently good, and fast, to the delight of our lunch time crowd. When you’re too tired to cook, we’ve got your back with take-out. At dinner heavy old-style plates are carried from the kitchen steaming hot.

Sofra Forest Hill opened with the goal of serving good food in a pleasant environment, with warm and friendly service. Now celebrating its opening year, our family-owned and operated restaurant continues to meet that commitment and we are proud to be part of the Forest Hill community.

Our Mediterranean cuisine is inspired by ethnic Mediterranean food values. Each dish is made from scratch daily, using only the finest spices and freshest ingredients. Our kitchen is run under the supervision of renowned chefs and talented staff. Our management team strives to uphold our motto, “the smallest things make the biggest differences!”

Locals and visitors alike find our budget-friendly restaurant a place they can return to time and again for the comfort of a warm, delicious meal and a bright and friendly smile!

Imagining Forest Hill as an island in the East of the Mediterranean. We serve Eastern Mediterranean food that stays true to its origin. Our menu, changing regularly, is focused on the less known edibles of the region, traditionally prepared at home. Bringing forth the common cuisine of Mediterranean landscape, Turkey, Greece and more, a commonality driven by regional proximity and a shared history. Our dishes are made with seasonal produce, and locally sourced, sustainably raised and caught meats and seafood.

Come and savor the finest Mediterranean delicacies at Sofra.